Witte Pumps
Stand - B808
The aim of the company is to provide the customer a maximum process reliability through tailor-made gear pumps. We are attracted by the challenge of creating solutions that nobody else offers. Today, WITTE is a leader in the field of special applications. We have developed a large number of standard pumps based on special designs, of which we have the most common sizes in stock. Our pump solutions are well suited for the entire process chain of polymer production, compounding or chemical applications.

Plastic compounding is a continual, multi-stage process using extruders where polymers and additives are mixed with each other in the melt phase. The discharge materials are dosed in the extruder. The material is mixed into a homogeneous melt in the extruder and then formed into small pellets in a granulator. A gear pump is normally in front of the granulator, which provides constant pressure build-up for consistent granulate. The end products include mono-pigment, additive master batches as well as filler and reinforced-fiber compounds. Large gear pumps are used in particular during the compounding of polyolefins such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP.


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