Vin Poly Manufacturing LLP
Stand - B805

For over 15 years Vin Industries has been touching the different streams of Plastic and Rubber processing with its unique range of additives. This has been possible due to unwavering focus on innovation and cutting edge technologies.

Apart from ISO Certificate 14000:2004 and ISO certificate 9001:2008 certified, we are REACH compliance as well as rated by Crisil ( A standard and Poor company)

Vin industries’ product-line is globally acceptable and appreciated because of high quality and being competitive. Today we develop an additive from problem at the customer end and its further expansion to commercially viable new additives.

We have wide range of additives

Additives for plastic recycling, coupling agents and compatibilizer for Polyolefins and Engineering polymers, Additives to increase filler loading in carry bags/shopping bags/woven sacks, and also to improve surface finish for PVC cable and Polyethylene cables, Process Aid for PVC pipes, HDPE Pipes, Additives for elimination of Pre heating in injection Molding and Purging compounds. Desiccant for Rubber processing and Pre dispersion of Sulphur and Rubber chemicals.

 We offer our additives for following segments:

1)    Plastic Recyclers

 Garbage Bags / Construction Film /  Plastic Films for Shedding crops / Plastic Pipe for Irrigation

Our Additives:-

Recycloaid - Additive to remove moisture/ Homogenization of scrap

Dessica – Additive to remove moisture

Chamak Shakti – Additive to increase shine & Strength

2)    Plastics Bags

 Carry Bags /   Shopping Bags / Liner Films

Our Additives:-

Fillmor – Additive to increase Filler loading

StrenthX – Additive to increase Strength

3)    Injection Moulders

Plastic Chairs / Garment Hangers / Household goods/ T.V Cabinets

Our Additives:-

EliHeat –To eliminate Silver Streaks

Impact+ - Additive to increase Impact

4)    PVC Pipes / Mouldings / Compounders

  Conduit Pipe / Casing Pipe/ PVC Moulding / PVC Cables

Our Additives:-

ProAid+ - Better Interface between different components of the compounds. Improvement in Surface finish and Heat stability

5)    Woven Sack Lamination

Our Additives:-

Lamiaid – Lamination on Woven Fabric to  BOPP / FIBC Bags

LamiBond- Lamination on HDPE Woven Fabric for Tarpaulins