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Veolia Polymers has already been active in the area of plastics recycling for more than 50 years.

The focus in this regard lies on polypropylene (PP), a modern and many-sided synthetic material.

Our production location in the Netherlands has been established in Vroomshoop.

More than 45,000 tonnes of PP recyclate is produced by us in a sustainable manner each year.

The Vision PP Compounds of Veolia Polymers find their way into automobile components, garden furniture, household appliances (vacuum cleaners, coffee machines), various storage systems (crates/boxes) and of course plant and tree containers.

Innovation, and our product and process development procedures, play an important role in the improvement and renewal of our end products, which ensures that we can continue to react flexibly to the growing demand from the markets.

By focusing on applications, which had previously only been produced from new materials, Veolia Polymers has developed into a leading player in the area of plastics recycling in Europe.

For more information please contact:

Jaco Wolters
Int. Senior Account Manager

Veolia Polymers NL B.V.

tel.: +31 (0)546 66 77 54 / mob.: +31 (0)6 836 62 442
e-mail: [email protected]

Kalkwijk 5 – 7681 DV / Postbus 80 – 7680 AB / Vroomshoop / Nederland