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THEES Plastic Recycling

- we save resources - ..and get the best for you!

For more than 45 years we have been offering our partners in the plastics industry a complete package to get the best out of plastic production waste. We provide collection containers, take care of the complete logistics, billing and, last but not least, get the best out of every kilogram of scrap if possible. 

With the complete range of shredding technology, mobile & stationary, coupled with state-of-the-art separation technology, such as for the separation of multi-components and plastic/metal composites, we find a way for (almost) every scrap to be recycled economically.

Not only the quality of the regrinds and compounds we produce are recognized by our customer base but also our Just-In-Time delivery service which is guaranteed by total storage capacities of several 1000 tons.

As an independent family business, we offer unsurpassed flexibility, short response times and customized concepts.

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