Sustainable Plastic Recycling in Mongolia
Stand - B903

The Sustainable Plastic Recycling in Mongolia (SPRIM) project, funded by the European Union’s SWITCH-Asia program, is being implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in Mongolia along with project partners Environment and Security Center of Mongolia, Ecosoum, Mongolian Sustainable Development Bridge, and T.G. Masaryk Water Research Institute since 2020. The SPRIM project is promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns by supporting plastic recycling MSMEs to transition to more environmentally friendly practices. This includes supporting them to have a sufficient secondary raw material supply by establishing an efficient system to sort and collect plastic waste and creating an enabling legal environment, to strengthen their organizational capacity to ensure their sustainable operation. Under the SPRIM project, the following local plastic recycling companies are participating in the exhibition to promote their activities and to learn European best practices, with a focus on innovative technologies and marketing strategies:

  1. Tsetsuukh Trade LLC, originally a chemicals and laboratory equipment trading and distributing company, commenced its PE&PP recycling plant to recycle plastic packaging of hazardous chemicals in 2018.
  2. Multipack LLC, established in 2010, is a LDPE recycling company producing plastic film wrap and shrink wrap.
  3. Metroplast LLC, established in 2011, is a plastics manufacturer making PVC profiles for casement windows and balcony shutters, high pressure HDPE water pipes, PP pipes and PU foam insulation for pipe.
  4. Khev Khashmal Plastics LLC, founded in 2014, is a HDPE and PP recycling company making plastic molds for concrete structures in construction.
  5. TML LLC, founded in 2018, is the first primary recycling company that processes post-consumer PET, to produce recycled pellets that meet the highest quality specifications with bottle-to-bottle recycling technology.
  6. Plastic Center LLC, established in 2016, is a LDPE recycling company that makes latrine lining of eco toilets and ditch liners.