Sensor Instruments GmbH
Stand - B847
Sensor Instruments GmbH has been involved in the development and manufacturing of special optoelectronic sensors since 1992. While in the early years it was mainly the industrial sectors of forming technology and glass recycling, over the years sectors were initially added in which the use of slightly modified sensor technology was possible, for example in the semiconductor industry but also in the plastics sector. Gradually, the automotive industry, medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and more fields of industry were added. Our special know-how - especially in the field of laser technology and luminescence measurement - is now in demand all over the world in almost all branches of industry. In recent years, we have made a name for ourselves in particular in the areas of product recognition, product tracking using marker technology and plastics recycling methodes. With great commitment we love to meet the very special challenges, many well-known machine manufacturers are now among our OEM customers. Our focus is always on customer-specific problem solutions, true to our motto and driving force "Let's make sensors more individual".