Stand - B818
SMF "Prodecologia" offers efficient and environmentally friendly equipment for the recycling of recyclables:
- electrostatic separators:
triboelectric separators - for separation of mixture of polymers ABS/PS/PP (shredded WEEE, PVC/rubber (shredded window profile), PVC/PE (shredded cable insulation), PET/PVC (shredded PET bottles), PP/PE (shredded plastic bottles and caps) and other;
corona electrostatic separators - for separation of shredded cables, WEEE, PCB’s,  PVC window profile into metal (Al, Cu) and non-conducting material (plastics, textolite, fiber-glass and other)
- NIR separators - for sorting multicomponent polymer mixtures by type using near-infrared radiation;
- separators of light fraction - for removal of light fractions and dedusting of mixtures of shredded plastics; 
- drag friction separators - for removal of elastic particles of rubber, silicone, polyurethane from mixtures of shredded plastics;
- magnetic separators - for cleaning shredded materials from ferrous metals;
- eddy current separators - for extracting non-ferrous metals from shredded non-conductive materials.