Stand - B563

“ISOPREP TM is a technical collaboration between eight companies and two academic institutions with the objective of developing technologies that convert waste plastic into virgin-like plastic. 

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 820787, ISOPREPTM, is developing a closed-loop recycling plant able to reclaim and process polypropylene from complex multi-material products, such as carpet waste, into virgin-like polypropylene of high purity and material/grade homogeneity. 

The process utilises a high performance proprietary ionic liquid that allows selective dissolution of the polypropylene, high dissolution rates and large cycle time of utilisation before regeneration is required.

Respecting the environment, the whole process is carried out in a closed-loop system that leads to minimal to no waste generated from the process. The process combines mechanical and chemical recycling, looped with a tailor made filtration, recovery and drying system, which successful removes additives, colorants and fillers eventually providing a pure virgin-like polymer. 

The process is designed to be cost effective and superior to existing alternative recycling methods. The long term objectives of the partnership is to increase circularity of thermoplastics and composite materials, preventing down-cycling and material waste; all in an affordable and eco-friendly manner. “