JSW The Japan Steel Works

Japan Steel Works Europe GmbH (JSW-EU) is a 100% owned subsidiary of THE JAPAN STEEL WORKS, Ltd (JSW Japan), founded in 2012. One of core business of JSW is variety of plastic machineries : Big Polyolefin Extruders (CMP, CIM and P series), Twin Screw Extruders (TEX series) and Film & Sheet Manufacturing equipment. JSW-EU is also providing many kind of services : Overhaul and maintenance, barrel/screw measurement and stock parts. Not only for existing customers, we can propose to carry out the extrusion trials using our TEX extruder.

In 2017, we renewed our extrusion technical center in Dusseldorf, Germany in order to achieve more niche and special requirement such as reactive processing and devolatilization based on our extensive technical knowledge in plastic technologies. Now, we’re focusing on recycling process (both mechanical and chemical recycling) through our TEX extruders based on our long-term experiences to correspond high demands from customers. We’re willing to contribute a circular economy, together with you.