Hiroyuki Industries
Stand - B1005

Hiroyuki Industries (M) Sdn Bhd is a first Asean company to produce Food Grade High Quality R PET resins (Bottle to Bottle); and specialist in manufacturing packaging materials based in Johor, Malaysia. We are located in Johor, Malaysia. 

Hiro rPET Food Grade Recycled PET Resin 100% made from post-consumer recycled PET bottle and has been exported to Europe and certified by the EFSA, FDA, GRS, Halal, SGS Taiwan & Malaysia, ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 45001 certification and we had approved by the Global Brand Owner.

Hiroyuki are capable to recycled up to 550 million post-consumer drinking bottles and transform to the food grade R PET resin 30,000 mt per annual.

Post-consumer PET bottle can be useful stuffs to increase the options of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle PET bottles such as Hiroyuki’s packaging materials.

We produce an extensive range of high quality Food Grade Recycled PET Resin which is suitable for all kinds of drinking bottles and food containers.

Hiroyuki produce R PET resins which have the same quality as Virgin PET resins and safe for direct food contact. Our Production processes with highest-standard of Decontaminate procedures to remove harmful substances to the utmost limit. With the installation of high precision for QC measuring equipment

You are welcome to visit our booth at B1005. In the exhibition, we will display and introduce our Food Grade Recycled PET Resin and Recycled PET Flakes.