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As the Global Leader in Separation Technologies, Eriez develops, manufactures and markets advanced equipment for magnetic separation, metal detection, vibratory feeding, lifting and handling throughout the world. Providing machinery protection, end of line inspection and valuable metal recovery for all processing industries in mining and minerals, food and plastics, bulk handling and recycling sectors.

Eriez delivers custom solutions to detect and remove ferrous contaminants that can damage process equipment and affect product quality; to concentrate valuable material; to recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals from recycled materials; and to solve material movement, separation, detection and classification problems.

Eriez understands the importance of reliable separation for the recycling industry and offers an extensive range of recycling equipment, specialising in Eddy Current Separators capable of recovering non-ferrous particles as small as 1mm from multiple processes such as biomass, scrap metal, aggregates, IBA, SRF, RDF, glass recycling and PET flake.