Dalian Jinguo Co.,Ltd
Stand - B1054

DALIAN JINGUO short as DLJ was established in 1989 and specialized in automatic melt filtration equipment for recycled and regenerated plastic. DLJG has provided international markets with high quality machinery products in the last 30 years.  Its 8000m2 production plant and 100+ professional employees ensure our customers with excellent products and satisfactory services. DLJG has ISO9001 registered since 2006 and certified as the global supplier of Siemens, Cameron USA, GE Oil & Gas, Ingersoll Rand, Cooper, CRCC etc. Our most advanced and patented plastic machinery is the JWH series automatic laser screen melt filter, 50% of which are exported to overseas markets.  The high performance-cost ratio of JWH Series guarantees our customers with the most competitive price, the outstanding added value and complete satisfaction.