Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera
Stand - B925
Bandera supplies complete extrusion lines for blown film (packaging & converting sector) and flat die foil & sheet (rigid thermoformed packages).It’s a worldwide leader in PET rigid film dryless extrusion technology & in agri-geo blown film technology.

The R&D centre completed in 2014 has been recently enlarged adding new 3000 square meters so industrial tests and complete line wet trials are available at Company headquarters situated in  Busto Arsizio.

Increase efficiency to obtain best sustainability: Bandera’s technological strategy aims at maximising the efficiency of the recycling processes concerning extrusion and pelletizing including pre and post-treatment of the flake with the option to incorporate additives or fillers.
The capability of upgrading material characteristics to a comparable virgin material level (food-grade, flavour/odour control, mechanical properties, etc.) is one of the priorities towards circular economy needs.
Bandera is currently developing projects that include: cascade extrusion with twin-screw extruders and or combination or multi-screws equipment for pelletizing systems for PO materials and Super Clean PET pelletizing lines (EFSA and FDA approval) and with PURe pre-treatment.

Bandera business is focused on four main goals:
-Top quality performance
- Minimum energy consumption
-Innovative thermoplastic materials
-Sustainable decrease in the weight of packaging