Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions
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The Bollegraaf Group is a world-leading expert and innovator in the waste sorting and recycling sector. Our reputation is based on the unique quality of equipment in terms of separation performance, robustness, and ease of maintenance. A premium quality complemented by the Bollegraaf engineering expertise delivers the best solutions to the specific challenges of each of our customers. 

Through continuous and intensive investment in innovation, Bollegraaf offers state-of-the-art recycling solutions for all types of waste streams, from household waste, paper, and plastics up to construction and demolition. This, along with our innovative energy-from-waste technology, provides our customers with a larger recycling capacity, reduced labor and operational costs, and high-quality end products, which ultimately result in increased profits. The total service offered by Bollegraaf includes design, installation, training, and unrivaled lifetime service and support. Smart technologies and solutions based on Artificial intelligence, Robotics, and advanced Engineering are at the core of Bollegraaf’s innovation journey, where contribution to a circular economy is given a central place.

Bollegraaf was founded in the Netherlands in 1961 and comprises the companies: Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and Lubo Recycling Solutions. The company has also several subsidiaries in Europe and has a stable international sales and aftersales organization. 

Recently we celebrated our 60th anniversary, an unparalleled experience in the recycling industry. Over these years, we have installed over 3500 recycling systems across Europe, the USA, Canada, and Mexico and have built the largest MRFs (Materials Recovery Facilities) in the world (up to 70+ tons per hour). This unique expertise makes the Bollegraaf Group the leading player and authority when it comes to advanced mechanical recycling innovation and solutions. The primary objective for Bollegraaf is to provide first-class turnkey recycling solutions with the highest ROI (Return On Investment) for the customer. 

Our vision is clear: There is no such thing as waste, only a pool of valuables that need to be sorted, cleaned, and prepared for re-entering a new life cycle. Working on the true circularity of materials is key and urgent as a means to mitigate the scarcity of natural resources as well as climate change. That is why the Bollegraaf Group focuses on the so-called up-cycling path. 

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