Aquafil Engineering GmbH
Stand - B812

AQUAFIL Engineering provides basic and detailed engineering for industrial and chemical plants on basis of own and client’s technology and know how.

AQUAFIL Engineering is one of the worldwide leading companies in technology and equipment design for polyamide and polyester polymer plants. The design for polyester and polyamide is based on own patented technology and production know-how which provide the customers state of the art technology combined with high quality, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability. AQUAFIL Engineering understands itself as solution provider for customers.

According to need of customers AQUAFIL Engineering offers several recycling solutions under the brand name EverPET®. EverPET® can be used for internal, industrial or post-consumer waste.

For internal waste AQUAFIL Engineering has developed a new system, which eliminates the traditional extrusion system with its high operating costs.

For existing extrusion lines AQUAFIL Engineering offers its EverPET® IV lift reactor. In case of new installation it is possible to purchase the recycling line as turn-key plant.

All the mentioned technologies are based on its own propriety technology, know-how and patents.