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AMUT, established as a family company in 1958, is a major provider of state-of-the-art recycling and extrusion technologies. Operating globally, we deliver custom-engineered solutions through AMUT Ecotech and AMUT Extrusion divisions. 

AMUT Ecotech specializes in the design and construction of plastic recycling plants, for PET/HDPE/PP bottles, containers and PE film. We are placed on a unique position in the plastic waste recycling field, offering the front-end integrated sorting section and high-tech washing turn-key plants, with optimized design and engineering, as well as extrusion lines to process flakes into pellets. The division portfolio extends to facilities for the waste recycling industry, including material recovery from post-consumer waste, plastic recovery from post-consumer plastics and Industrial and household waste sorting and recovery.

AMUT Extrusion provides high performance extruders, related ancillary down-stream equipment and a wide range of lines for the production of foils, sheets, stretch film, waterproofing membranes, pipes and profiles.

Having designed and built hundreds of plants around the world, AMUT has the flexibility and competence to deal with any specific project requirements. AMUT is proud to have a clientele that is made up of “world class” corporations; a proven evidence of the Company’s excellent reputation overseas.