Ebbo Botwe
Ghana Plastic Manufacturers Association

One of the key originators of commercial plastic waste recycling in Ghana with 35 years of experience in plastic manufacture, packaging and recycling. Ebbo Has served on several national committees and study groups on plastic waste management in Ghana. He is a key actor in formulating the 10% Environmental Excise Tax (ACT 863) by Ghana’s parliament on plastic waste management and recycling. He holds MBA in Business Development from Galilee University College, Israel and Post-Graduate Diploma in Packaging Machinery & Systems from SIES School of Packaging, India and a business development consultant.

- President, Ghana Plastic Manufacturers Association
- Chairman, Plastic Producer Responsibility Organization Ghana
- Board Member, Ghana National Plastic Action Partnership
- Chairman, Plastic Waste Management Program, Ghana
- Former Council Member, National Council for Association of Ghana Industries
- Former Chairman, Plastics & Rubber, Association of Ghana Industries
- Former Vice President, Institute of Packaging Ghana
- Member, Committee on Banning Plastics in Ghana