Rob de Ruiter
Business Development Manager Circular Plastics

Rob studied and has a Ph.D. at Delft Technological University, in Chemical Technology. Worked for more than 25 years in the Phosphorus and Phosphates industry, a.o. as CEO of Thermphos International BV and as an independent consultant/interim manager.

Rob now develops TNO's (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) business to optimize circular pathways for plastics, including circular solutions for sustainable use of resources through design, technologies, logistics and upcycling.

He leads the PMC (Product Market Combination) cluster Circular Plastics within the unit Circular Economy and Environment (CEE).

In respect to plastics TNO has a strong position on Impact Assessment: our methods enable quantified decisions in respect to System Approach which is key regarding the complexity in Plastics Circularity (Plastics to Plastics, Plastics to Monomers/Polymers, Plastics to Chemicals, Plastics to Syngas, Plastics to CO2 and (electro)chemical CO2 functionalization). TNO is developing Innovative Solvolysis and Pyrolysis/Indirect Gasification technologies. Parameters that are derived from the various experiments carried out in TNO laboratories and pilot plants will be of value in our Impact Assessment Models.

Furthermore this PMC focusses on Circular Product (Plastic) design, i.e. design for recycling, design for demolition, design for life extension. Also in this respect, TNO’s impact assessment tool will give direction.

TNO is an independent research organization. We connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. For this purpose, TNO is established by law as legal public entity. Our goal is to create independent and reliable solutions to the challenges that society presents us.