Ran Sharon
President and CEO

Ran J. Sharon is an entrepreneur and businessman who, for twenty years, has led various ventures from the early concept stage to successful rollout and expansion.

With his affinity for business strategy, persuasive trade tactics, and a strong focus on team cohesion, he oversees the development and global expansion as President and CEO of Clariter - a global clean-tech company whose proprietary technology delivers an innovative solution for the world's plastic waste problem. Rather than recycling, Clariter prefers upcycling post-consumer plastic waste into advanced oils, solvents, and waxes within a uniquely circular economic model.

Previously, Ran founded Kornelius Group, an entrepreneurial investment and consulting business specialising in non-convertible debentures (NCD) companies. In line with Kornelius' expansion, Ran co-founded the IIF Group (formerly, the Internet Investment Fund), a holding and investment company that he later sold.

He frequently lectures at Harvard, London Business School, and elsewhere, on topics related to entrepreneurship, green economy, and effective networking. His activities are spread over Poland, South Africa, the USA, Luxemburg, and Israel.
Ran holds a Doctoral Degree in jurisprudence and political science (1995) from ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary (Doctoral Thesis about "Double Taxation Treaties between Israel, Poland, and Hungary" (With High Honour). He is a graduate of the YPO/LBS Programme (5 years) at the Alumni of London Business School (LBS), London, GB, as well as a graduate of the HBS/YPO PPL programme (13 years) at the Alumni of Harvard Business SCHOOL (HBS), Boston, USA. He is a member of the Young President Organization (YPO) and is the winner of the prestigious Global Best of the Best Award.