Pascal Négré

Pascal Négré has experience managing plating companies dating back to 1985, and has participated or coordinated/managed many EU funded projects. Since 2000, Pascal has chaired IPM²  to help SMEs in the field and other sectors to join collaborative projects and more actively participate in their management, technical topics, dissemination, promotion or IP tasks along with improving their exploitation and business plans. He also represented the CET platform for Clean Environment into EFFRA for the Factories of the Future topics. Pascal Négré is a Member of the ISE, International Society of Electrochemistry. He received an SME Manager for Environment award in 1993, and in 2006 was awarded by IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Systems) for the management of the Ecochrom project. He is currently coordinating the EU funded project SOL-REC2, dealing (alongside 7 partners) with innovative digital watermarks and green solvents for the recovery and recycling of multi-layer materials.