Manik Thapar
Founder and CEO
Ecowise Waste Management

Manik Thapar is one of the pioneers of waste management industry in India. His work has been published extensively in the media in India and abroad and is known for his unique business model in the field of waste management. Manik Thapar is a Canadian Citizen with Indian origin. Having done his MBA from The De Vos School of Management, Michigan, he moved to India in 2005. Inspired by the idea of setting up a waste management company in India, which came from a school project; Manik at the age of 23 decided to enter the challenging industry despite initial difficulties and opposition from friends and family. His efforts bore fruit as people started acknowledging his work and in just three years he became a true youth icon. Currently, EcoWise is collecting, segregating, aggregating, treating and disposing around 120 tons of waste on a daily basis through composting and recycling methods. Last year, his company managed to divert 35000 tons of waste from ending up in landfill.