Lars Steffensen
Executive Director
RecyclePit is a modern Waste Company that specializes in waste recycling plants for make products that can be used directly in recycling plants for new raw materials. The company has patents on several of the systems and specializes in managing municipal recycling stations, manufacturing companies and retail.

Director Lars Steffensen started HAWFISK 20 years ago – HAWFISK is a large fish acquisition company that distributes fish worldwide. Through his experience at HAWFISK, Lars saw the massive amount of EPS fish boxes being thrown away after only a single use.

This waste of a re-useable resource became the starting point for the Recyclepit business. Today Recyclepit is a Danish cleantech recycling company that sustainably addresses an extensive “waste” problem: it transforms used fish boxes, insulation material, packaging, and other post-use waste fractions – into valuable recycled GPPS raw material. The vision of Recyclepit is to handle EPS as part of a sustainable and circular economy – which benefits the oceans, the climate, and the customers’ economy. 

Recycling EPS contributes to the reduction of marine pollution and landfilling. Additionally, it re-uses valuable resources and has documented considerable CO2-savings compared to production of virgin plastics.