Jesús Picher Rodríguez
Plastics, Coatings & Construction Marketing Manager

Jesús Picher Rodriguez was born in Moncofa (Valencian Community) and graduated in Industrial Engineering by the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2014  plus completed his Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Valencia in 2016. Currently, he is in his fifth year as a part of the Torrecid Group. He began his career at Al-Farben as a Marketing and Service Technician, mainly focused on solutions for the glass industry. Two years after his incorporation, he became Glass Division Marketing Manager. With great international expertise, managing export markets such as Mexico, USA, Italy and Germany, in addition to the group's key accounts, he accepted in 2019 the challenge of continuing to internationalize the company's plastic and coating market as Plastic Division Marketing Manager. Since then, its mission, apart from being linked to the expansion of the group and its values, its vision is closely linked to sustainability, opting for a sustainable growth of both the company and the industry with the consequent development of innovations that make this possible.