George Theodosopoulos
Project Leader
Novel Polymer Technologies (NPT), TWI

George is a Project Leader at TWI Ltd. He is a polymer scientist, with expertise in the fields of polymer synthesis, nanocomposites, design and synthesis of complex macromolecular architectures and in the structure property relationship of polymers.

George holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry, a M.Sc. in Polymer Science and Applications and a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Chemistry. He has practiced the property manipulation of polymers through their predefined structural orientation and has a proven record of accomplishment in innovative actions.  He is also experienced in technical project management of multi-stakeholder projects, project planning, proposal writing, risk assessing, costing and in research project development. He has successfully managed research and high-risk projects for the private sector (primarily serving the Oil&Gas industry), various innovations centres and for public defence industries.  

George’s current interests include polymer recycling, the promotion of circular economic pathways, plastics management, AI assisted and sustainable product development and knowledge transfer. He has written/been involved in the preparation of more than eight collaborative proposals with a total value of over £18m and a large number of single client proposals.