Elke Metzsch-Zilligen
Fraunhofer LBF (Part of the Cluster Circular Plastics Economy)
Group Manager Additivation
Dr. Elke Metzsch-Zilligen is head of the group Additivation in the division Plastics of Fraunhofer LBF in
Darmstadt. Division leader is Prof. Dr. Rudolf Pfaendner. She received her PhD in Physical Chemistry
at the University of Cologne in 2006. Her research focused on direct-inlet mass spectrometry to
explore molecular structure and mechanism of thermal degradation of high-temperature resistant

homo- and copolyamides.

Afterwards she worked in the organic food sector. She was responsible for industrial hygiene and development of convenience food.

2011 she moved to former German Institute for Polymers (DKI), which joined the Fraunhofer

Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF in 2012.

To fulfil the needs of customized formulations, the group Additivation develop new high performance additives/additive systems for optimized materials.