Damiano Grabinski
Export Area Manager

Damiano Grabinski is the Export Area Manager for the Italian Post-Consumer Recycler Montello S.p.A., a leading Italian Post-Consumer Recycler from urban waste collection.

Damiano earned a degree in Economics at the University of Ferrara with a complete study on NAMEA- National Accounts Matrix including Environmental Accounts. Beginning as a Sales Manager in the European recycling system, he started his carrier with the recycled plastics stream in The Netherlands. In 2015, Damiano, joined Montello SpA and started a new path into an A to Z company: Montello SpA’s plant is one of the biggest in the world, with a total capacity of 175k ton per year of secondary raw materials produced by the Italian Urban Collection System, he had the possibility to focus on Polyolefins and PET recyclates and their final applications.

He is also the company representative for Plastics Recyclers Europe, the main association of recyclers based in Brussels (Belgium). His know-how has a wide range, from waste directive to technical figures through his sales experience all around the world.

Thanks to him and his team, Montello S.p.A. has become one of the best known specialists for LD, HDPE, PP and PET recycling and their final end-products.